Photography 101…What the best way to learn something new?

What is the best way to learn something??

20130909-221655.jpgGoogle it and teach yourself. Ok we all know the traditional way of teaching:

  • decided what you want to learn
  • find out how much it is to learn it
  • find a teacher
  • then see if I can I fit it into your schedule

The old teaching methods are a thing of the past and with unschooling I am teaching the girls if you want to learn about anything just google it to find the answer you seek.

So with all that in mind, Munchy told me she wants to learn how to take pictures. The professional kind like the real photographers, and she wants to learn how to shoot animals mostly. Well her father has been mentioning the same thing over the last couple of years, so Munchy  and I went on a  search to find a great website thats teaches photography for beginners. it is only $25 a month to sign up month to month and they have any and every kind of computer class you can think of.

I signed the two missfits up and they have been taking the classes every Monday for the last month. I am telling you it’s two little kids in a candy store. They were so excited they bring me in the other room and show me what they learn after each lesson. Basically how to hold their camera so they could grab it quick to get a good shot. So far the dad is very impressed not only with the price but with how basic the class has started out and even he (who thinks he know everything) is learning during every class.

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Come back and maybe in a couple of weeks we can start showing off our new talent and really cool pictures. Who knows we might even be selling them someday.

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