Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park

Does anyone remember “Green Acres”?  I used to love that show and watched it all the time with my mother. Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park is nothing like “Green Acres” but it made me think of it while we where were visiting because this family was sure out of their element.

Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State ParkPenn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park shows how life really was back in late 1800s, how hard it was to till the ground, tend to the live stock and live on a farm in general.  We discussed how many luxury we have today, simple things like electricity, heaters, nice soft bed not made of straw and bugs, and the most important thing was indoor plumbing.  Many of the building were still standing including the main house, servant quarters, barn and a wind mill, markers told their story and  different stages of farm life. We saw the evolution of a simple plow pulled by beast to a motorized tractor.


Munchy loved going on this two and half mile hike because she brought her fancy camera Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Parkto take pictures.  With Munchy taking pictures I was able to enjoy the scenery more than usual.

popcornWe gave Penn Farm five out of five popcorns, because it was free except for the admission into Cedar State Park (7$).  The hike was very easy and great for kids to learn about farming life, and lots of photo opportunities, and beautiful scenery. We also found a geocache in the area but more on that in our next post.

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