Kids that actually love school

Kids that actually love schoolYes, that’s right kids that love school, who get up in the morning, get dressed and ask with a smile on the bright faces when does school start or in our case co-op? Sugar and Hugs were so excited they both did book reports for class today. Sugar’s was on facts about dinosaurs and Hugs did a story she made up using her vocabulary words in the back of her woodchuck book.

Then the kids insisted that Mr.s Lala do our writing lesson. She talked about the difference between your, you are, you’re and quotation marks. The kids wrote some a few sentences using what they just learned. The girls did more math and practiced their 3, 4 and 11 times tables. We also did swimming math, after art class, which I think is the highlight of the whole day.

After writing the girls needed a break so we eat lunch and they played upstairs in the toy room. After lunch the girls got to do art and social studies. Mrs. Melanie talked about Mandala and they all got to color one. The girls also learned:

  • that Mandala are from India
  • it’s a sanskrit word for “circle”
  • Hinduism and buddhism “philosophy”
  • represents the universe
  • used for focusing attention, spiritual teaching, aid in meditation
  • common use – generic term for any plan, chart or geometric pattern
  • represents the universe


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