Ossabaw Island Adventure were my French Cousins became honorary Unschoolers

The girls had an amazing adventure to Ossabaw Island with their French cousins when they visited Savannah. Their Aunt and Uncle took them on this adventure so I will let Munchy and Huggs tell the story. The Ossabaw Island tour was given by oceanographers Captain Fran and his wife Catherine who have homeschooled grandchildren. They enjoy  meeting Unschoolers ready to learn about the history of the island and visit an eco-sanctuary.

My Ossabaw Adventure

_DSC2085Ossabaw Island tour began at Isle of Hope Marina, a barrier island off the coast of Savannah, GA., our hometown. We began our adventure on a boat ride, which took about 45 minutes to get to the island. We saw dolphins and a loggerhead turtle along the way. Once we got to the island we docked the boat and walked up to the clubhouse. I found out that donkeys live on the island and we even got to feed them carrots.

_DSC1923Captain Fran told us a story about Sandy West, who must have had an amazing childhood. Sandy West’s family, who were super rich, bought the island in 1924. She was so cool, that when she was 11 or 12 she had a limo, complete with a driver. They brought it over to the island to drive her around. When Sandy first moved to the island she didn’t like it. The first day on the island her driver was driving her to her new home. She was looking out the window and saw a welcoming tree and from that moment on she decided she needed to stay.

After a tour of the clubhouse, which was originally a hunting lodge, we took a truck ride. The truck stopped at a marker, which was more like a large rock that represented the original road. The original road is the longest island road in America.

Novocaine:  tastes great or makes you talk funny

_DSC1965The most fun part of our trip is when Captain Fran talked us into taking drugs, not the bad drugs. They were plants that make your mouth numb but they actually use them to make Novocaine when you get your teeth worked on. As a result, it  tasted terrible and I couldn’t feel my tongue for the rest of the trip and I think I talked a little funny.

Captain Fran told us about the last remaining permanent resident that lives on the island and hunts pigs. We learned that when the Spanish first came to the island that they brought pigs. The pigs were a food source but the population got out of control so they brought in Mr. Joe to help. I even got to see baby pigs but we couldn’t catch them, way too fast.

During lunch, we learned about the history of some of the old houses and saw the slave quarters. Captain Fran tried to show us some alligators but they were all hiding. Our day ended by driving the boat back through “Hells Gate”  because it was low tide and jumped in the river.

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