Orange Olive Oil Candle and some much needed rest

Just like the kids mom’s need a little rest also.  I have taken off from posting anything on the blog because I decided that I just needed a break from the blog.  I am trying to decided how to write my articles since we have gone to a unschool, how to blog, to a Road school, follow our travel blog.  We have been planning this road trip for 5 years or dreaming about it and now it has become a reality for four months.  We actually have a new plan for our trip but more on that at the end of the week…..

INFOGRAPHIC-MandarinOrangeCandleTo start the week I thought I would finish up with all the neat things we did Arizona and Utah. I also included a fun science experiment – Orange Olive Oil Candle

What you need:

    • Huge Orange
    • knife
    • spoon – for scooping (may or may not need)
    • olive oil
    • lighter
  1. Take the knife and cut the skin of the orange – not all the way through
  2. Fit your finger between the skin and the meat of the orange and try get the skin to release – I had to slightly twist the get the skin to release
  3. make sure you leave the core – this will act as the wick of the candle
  4. pour olive oil over the wick and into the bowl of the orange
  5. With adult super vision – light your candle – it will take a few minutes and lots of tries but it does work – watch the video to see the whole thing


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