No hands were bitten off at the Deer Farm

grand canyon deer farm

Have you ever heard of a deer biting off someone’s hand before?  Neither have I ….. I just thought it would be a fun title to get your attention about the Grand Canyon Deer Farm.  Actually they were very sweet deer and were super excited to see us because they knew they were going to get feed.

 They were funny and would follow you around the path.  Belle said she felt like Santa. She would take a handful of food walk away so they would follow her.  They also had real reindeer, a camel, goats, donkeys, bison, pig, monkeys, and a talking parakeet.  

The parakeet was our favorite

The parakeet was the most entertaining animal at the farm. He could bark while jumping up and down. The girls got the parrot to say “Polly got a cracker” and say hello a thousand different ways. The more the girls jumped up and down and talked to him the more excited he would get. 

The farm was organized like a lot of zoos we have visited. I hate seeing animals in enclosers but understand. We enjoyed learning about each one and interacting with them. They had signs about each animal like most zoos but you were only allowed to feed the deer.

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