Night at the Museum Where History Comes Alive

A crowd stood out is the freezing wind waiting for the doors to open for a Night at the Museum where history comes alive!  The children ran around excited, giggling to keep warm. It would be a night they never forget with the 2006 movie ‘Night at the Museum’, night guard training, crafts and exciting museum tour! There is no better way to get children excited about history than to make it fun and engaging.

Night at the museumThe museum had just closed but they were making a special event to open up tonight because once a year the Tablet of Ahkmenrah arrives at the museum.   We started the night off by signing in and getting put into two groups.  Everyone headed to the snack bar and then to find their seats for a movie.

night at the museumAfter the movie, the girls separated us into our groups and we headed off to take a tour of the museum.  There were six displays that came alive that night and were able to interact with the kids and teach them a little Savannah history.  The Civil War soldier kept showing the girls how to sneak up on the other character and stole hats from the hat woman and beads from the pilgrim.  He led the kids on sneak attacks and caused all kinds of mischief.

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After the kids got all six of their badges they were off to decorate a hat and start night guard training.  At night guard training the kids learned how to handle a flashlight and sent kids into the storage room to see if anymore exhibits had come alive.  The kids kept waiting for an exhibit to scare them, but the tablet did not reach as far as the storage room.

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