Must have item for camping in a RV

rv campingThese are the must have item for camping in an RV. We have been traveling in an RV for five months (October 30th, 2013). Now feel like we kind of know what we are doing.  Well, we just look like we know what we are doing when we pull into our RV campsite and set up. Campers are nosiest people around (it’s very humorous) …. they actually stop whatever they are doing and watch you set up when you pull into your site. We also stop to look to see where the new campers are from, if they are friendly and most importantly check out what new gadget they have on their camper. Campers are also very friendly and will give you tons of advice  on what helped them or what they suggest to get for a certain project.

Must have item for camping for outside the RV

  • Heated water hosethis is a must have if you are in going to be in below freezing temperatures.  It has saved us a lot as we head farther north, southerners are just not used to these freezing nights.
  • Two-way radiothese are great if you have kids. Make sure you get ones that are waterproof and reach 25+ miles or more on a clear day.  They are great when my hubby and I just want to take a walk and the kids, 10 and 11 years old, can still reach us if there is a problem.They can also go to the playground and I can call when we are ready for dinner. We got the ones with ear pieces so they can play spy.
  • Oxygenics Shower Head, this is the best purchase.  The oxygenic shower head is awesome and it not only increases water pressure, it also decreases water usage, bonus.  Basically, you can wash your hair twice, your body, feet and everything in-between. You will still have hot water left over when you are done and plenty to shave your legs. Ladies this has been a life saver because sometimes the public bathrooms are just yucky.
  • Space heater – These have been a lifesaver on cold nights.  Not only does it save us from using a lot of propane but it heats up a small area really fast.  Most campsites the electricity is paid for so using a space heater instead of paying extra for propane. Great for toy haulers when you have kids in the back.

Extra items that will make life on the road easier

  • Verizon Jetpack – this is a must have if you want to get on the internet.  Most places do have free internet but it is usually unreliable.
  • Canoe – We are thinking of getting one of these and think it would be a great addition.
  • Bic Flame Disc – it’s easy, no charcoal needed, lights up super fast, no mess to clean up and cools down fast when you are done. Great for campfire and making smores.
  • Headlamp – keep your hands-free for when you have to do things after it gets dark.
  • Portable fire pit – We love our little fire pit and just carry it around with us everywhere.  It comes in handy on cold nights when the park you are staying at does not have a fire pit at your site.


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