Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse

Mount RushmoreMount Rushmore is one of the National Monuments that you have to see if you are visiting the Black Hills.   We stopped  and took several pictures and the girls came up with lots of questions about the monument which we googled when we got back home.


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Why presidents head in a certain order?  Why were they facing the way they were? How much dynamite did it take to finish the project? How long did it take? Why does George Washington have a shirt? Why did he only do four presidents? I the monument finished? How many men were involved? Why did he pick that hill?

crazy horseCompared to crazy horse Mount Rushmore was very small.  We did stop and visit the monument at Crazy Horse and not only learned about the Lakota Indians but also about the Ziolkowski family.  We were in awe of how beautifully done the visitor center was, Ziolkowski family home.

Here are some questions the girls came up with as we visited Crazy Horse:


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Why is it so big? Why Crazy Horse? How long till it will be completed? How is the project funded? Why did he work alone for so long? Who is the next generation taking over the project? Who and Why was he asked to do Crazy Horse? How many blast have their been since they started? What do they do with the blasted rock? How many trees did they have to clear off the mountain?

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