Mosquito in Chatham County

mosquito controlWe took our fist trip with our co-op group to the mosquito control in Chatham county. The girls got to learn about all the different types of mosquitos, and how to tell the difference between the boys and girls.  They learned only the female mosquito bite or suck your blood to get nutrients for their babies, while the boy mosquito eat only nectar.  Females live for two or three months and the males live only two or three weeks.  At the Mosquito Control we learned how there are 40 different mosquito varieties in Chatham County and 3, 000 in the world.

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The girls got to visit the chicken coop and were told they use chickens to test for any mosquito virus in the area, they put the chicken out before dusk and then test its blood to see if they come back positive for something. The reason they use the chickens is because 99% of the time they will get better where a person will not.  The chickens go to a good home after a year of doing its duty.

Mr. Scott the head pilot explained how they use pesticide droplets that are so small they will only hurt the mosquito and not bumblebees.  He also explained that the they spray right before dusk because that is when they are on the move.  The islands do not normally get the disease  because of the salt water.  All five girls said that it was an awesome field trip and really loved be able to climb in the helicopter and looking at the airplane.  We watched a really cool video on all the other stuff they do for the community including finding bad guys, tracking criminal , and water rescue to name a few.

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