More Fun playing

20111005-075022.jpgStill No tv – so the girls had fun playing all morning… This time McKenzey was a secret agent, then she went on several job interviews. Sometimes I had to watch her kids and sometimes she made Belle. One time she was gone for a whole month on a job interview, which ended up only being a few minutes in real life.

Then the girls came out with big bellies…. I was laughing so hard I made the girls do a video….

The #1 Writing Tool

Then to my surprise Belle made me lunch with a fun surprise. She toasted an English muffin, with mayo, lettuce and ham. She had side of chips and little marshmallows….. I was very surprised.

After lunch Belle spent about an hour making her car, talking and playing with her imaginary friend….. she found a box, cut holes and used lots of tape… Lots of tape…she found some toy keys. When she was done she had the biggest smile on her face. She is not finished painting so picture to come….

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