Monopoly – learning tool

monopoly.jpgWe have played Disney monopoly for the past 3 days and did not watch tv, play on the computer, or listen to music, we just sat and played and laughed and competed heavily. I put $500 in the center for free parking, and every time you payed taxes it went in the pot, so when Belle won the first time she thought it was a million dollars. The girls took turns buying properties and making monopolies on the board, playing the banker, making change, paying taxes, and trying to get their opponent to trade to make more monopolies. Mac went out first and then took my spot and won the whole game.  We discussed how taxes are paid, how only one person can be the winner, and chance is a big part of the whole game.


We read another chapter of JK Rowling –  chapter 4-5

Mac finished her book on the Hardy boys and she did a review for all those who might want to read it.

This is just a silly video to show how a magnet rolls on the fridge

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