Mona Lisa in Art class

Today we went and found out about Gymnastics – which we are very excited about. It doesn’t start until the end of January.  We also got to go to an art class, they painted Mona Lisa Belle had fun but Mac was not so sure. There were some silly boys her age that she was a little upset about — they were very wiggle boys! These are the picture of the Mona Lisa..

We also started our new reward system to try to get the girls to learn and do different things.
Here is how it works…
For every thing you do from reading a book to brushing your teeth you get a magnet.
Each magnet is worth $.05 (on Wednesdays and Fridays $.25)
At the end of day they exchange their magnets for money
Mac has $1.25
Belle has $1.35

So far so good.  Belle is all about getting the magnets – Mac wants the most money


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