Milkseed Pods

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McKenzey found a milkweed  Pod and this is what we found out… We first thought it was a banana but was sure it wasn’t, so with a little more research we found out what it was…Out goal is to find another one and see if we can plant the seeds and grow some flowers.  We tore apart the first one to see what was inside the pod.

The seed pods themselves come or form from the flower blossoms if the blossom is pollinated.

After the Milkweed flower has finished blossoming, it begins its ‘seeding’ process. The Silky Gold blossom on the left hasn’t finished flowering yet the two on the right are ‘done’ and have begun to go to seed. They look like two little tear drops in the picture.

Here is a picture showing how one stem has four seed pods, some blossoming flowers, and one flower going to seed, all at the same time!

Now, in order to gather seeds from the seed pods, the best thing to do is to wait until the seed pod is beginning to ‘crack’ open. Do not take the seed pod off of the plant early or the seeds just won’t be viable (won’t germinate when planted).

Keep an eye on the pods-they will soon begin to change colour. A hint is to gently squeeze the pod and when you feel it begin to give a little, you will know that the time for the seeds to be ready is coming soon! A long line will soon show and this crack will open up to expose the brown Milkweed seeds. If you get the pod just as it is splitting, it is really easy to gather the seeds.

Here is the link if you find any…

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