Merry Go Round Museum and wood carving artist

Do you remember the excitement as a child seeing the carousel and begging your mom to let you ride, just once?

Close your eyes

I’ll wait while you take yourself back in time

Merry Go Round MuseumDo you remember as a child the excitement as you climbed aboard a beautifully painted horse. The sound of the “oom pa pa” of the band organ playing, the crisp air, maybe the smell of cotton candy and seeing kids of all ages laughing as they rode around and around. I loved the carousel and passed that love to my girls.  I still get excited about seeing the carousel going around and around, and even more excited when its other animals besides a horse.

We visited the Merry Go Round Museum on the perfect weekend because not only did weMerry Go Round Museum get to tour the museum for FREE but the carousel rides were only $1.00.  We also got to see the annual wood carvers show where 20 wood carvers displayed there amazing carvings while working on them as well.

We learned how the horses are made mainly out of bass wood, they take anywhere from 400+ hours to one week (for a factory), and their hallow inside. The carvers use no nails, only glue to strengthen the wood, build up wood layer by layer, sand and carve till the get the shape they like.  They also had many horses on display from many time eras, locations all over the world, and varies restoration phases.

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We meet several of the wood carvers that were displaying their work.  We learned there are two kind of carvers: First are those that make them and put the carving up for sale as soon as they are done. Second is the carver who carvers and carves on one piece and would never sale or give his art away for any amount of money. We meet a carver who has carved the same shoe out of hundreds of different types of wood to show the weight, density, and colors of the wood. They had lots of carvers that carves Santa’s, whimsical charters, flowers, dragons, eggs, and even scenic landscapes.

popcornWe give the Merry Go Round Museum six out of five popcorns because the ride was super fast and super fun.  We were able to get into the museum for FREE and the rides were only $1.00.  ADMISSION PRICES : Adults: $6.00, Senior Citizens: $5.00, Children (4-14): $4.00, (under 4): FREE and Includes 1 Ride Token. They are open mainly 11-5 but different hours depending on the season so please check the site


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