How to play Uno Math war games & make Halloween stories

Uno Math game

Follow our Unschool day as e play Uno Math war games today with a deck of Uno cards. The girls practiced addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division.

What you need to play Uno Math War games

  • deck of Uno cards
  • pen, pencil, or crayons
  • scissors
  • paper cut into little squares
  • make all the symbols (+ – = X ) – we made several of each

How to play

First, divide the cards in half and gave each girl one deck. We started by playing the addition. Second, Lay down two cards and add them together, and whoever has the highest number gets all four cards. Last, whoever ends up with all the cards wins.

Then we did the same thing with subtracting the cards, multiplying, and dividing the cards. In the end, I made the girls draw cards and they had to see if they could make them equal to 20. If you try this let the kids make the rules and come up with how they want to play. This is a great way to start algebra.

Halloween activities and writing

Since Halloween is upon us, I decided that the girls needed to do practice a little writing. As a surprise, I got both girls a pumpkin cookie. I told them to write about anything and it had to be 5 pages. McKenzey’s book was done in one hour with pictures and all. She really wanted that cookie! Belle did a great job on all of her pictures but had a hard time on her writing, but tomorrow we are going to try again so she can finish and get her cookie.

Enjoy Mac’s story

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