Twisted Uno Math Game

The twisted Uno math game came about because the kids wanted to get creative. Mac thought we should make a new kind of board game. We made up the rules as we played.

You need these items to play

  • Deck of cards, we used Uno
  • dice
  • place holder, we used McDonald happy meal pieces
  • A calculator might help also

How to play Twisted Math

  • First, we laid all the numbers in the Uno deck out like a spiral
  • Then we found some dice
  • Roll dice and move your piece
  • when you get to your new number you must multiply that number by the number rolled
  • If you miss you have to go back
  • the second player gets to try an answer
  • the winner gets to the end first

After lots of versions of twisted math, we took a break. The girls played Connect four for a good hour. Just for good measure, the made-up new rules for this game. At one point you had to multiply the red by the black.

We blew up the coke again with mentos, just because it was fun. We had actual mentos candy and not the mentos gum, so it worked a little better.

McKenzey read a book on Betsy Ross and the making of the American Flag

Belle Read a book on Walruses and did some research on the computer and watched lots of fun videos on Walruses.

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