Marine Science Center

We went to the Marine Science Center at Ponce De Inlet. The kids learned about animals that live in the sea like turtles, stingrays, manatees, and even mosquitos. The girls liked the stingrays and got to pet them. Isabelle said they felt slimy, McKenzey said they felt smooth.

At the Marine Science Center, we learned about manatees, mosquito’s and how they help rehabilitate turtles that they find on Daytona beach. The Science Center was very interactive and had lots of hands-on material. The girls learned a lot about sea animals and bugs.

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Since the girls wanted baby animals I let them each pick out an egg at the gift shop. When the girls got home they put them in water so they will hatch dinosaur or turtle. Belle got a brown turtle and Mac got a green turtle.

We also learned about birds in the area.
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