How to create a magnet fridge chore list

The magnet fridge chore list are everyday items and school stuff.  The girls have  to do it by the time daddy get home.  So far it is working great, and to really get them in the mood. I am either paying them ($) or giving them a pre-paid apple card or something from the fun box.

I simply took magnet sheet.. made up a list, printed it out, cut out each job, and put in on the fridge.  The great thing is I only have to switch done and need to do in the morning.  I did make the girl’s name, word done and word need to do really big and for extra fun I made one side in cursive.

magnet fridge chore list

The whole fridge – remember save extra pieces you cut away to make more jobs


Another shot of fridge with chores


Some of the things girls have to do…


extra stuff I can add if needed or change out..

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