Magic Science Experiments

Magic Science Experiments

Magic Science Experiments.jpgI have four apprentice magicians that wanted to combine magic and science and this is how we made our magic science experiments. We took out our magic ingredients of citric acid, a base ( baking soda), vegetable oil, zinc sulfide, polyacrylamide, golden paper, water, and a magic wand to make different potions, and we even made things disappear.

Our first experiment was to make a magic wand… This took an hour to grow the snake-lizard eggs for the wand. This was really polyacrylamide beads that suck up water and get really big.

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On our Second magic trick, we made a name appear with a baking soda and disappear with an acid.  We used golden paper that changes color when it comes in contact with an acid and base

The 3rd magic trick we made a Fizzy Frenzy. We added an acid and base to some  water and magic words together with  to make the water fizz.

The 4th magic trick we made Magic Wizard Lava. Second part of our glow in the dark Bubble potion Harry Potter magic with science

The last was a Glow-In-The-Dark Bubbling Potion. This one we had some trouble but it did work a little.


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