MACbelle Lemonade stand open


Well it open, Lemonade stand, open most days and only if it’s not raining. The lemonade stand is no open if we want to go swimming or think it too hot.  Some days we are just bored because no one has bought anything in the last 10 minutes. Our fourth time doing business we sold lemonade and pineapple and made $23. At their lemonade stand, the girls are learning how to talk to customers and deal with more than one person at a time.  They are learning how to count money, make the change, try not to drink inventory, or eat it either. Keeping everything clean when they spill so ants won’t get on everything. They made signs, waved at everyone and we very well mannered.


Bass Pro Shop

Bass Pro Shop did a summer camp at the store the other day. The girls got to fish for catfish out of a pond. The most exciting was using a bee-bee gun, and a real bow and arrow. The little demos they do are so much fun for the kids.


Excavate a dinosaur egg

Belle decided that we need to excavate a dinosaur egg that we bought weeks ago. The girls had to use scraper and brush to delicately get the bones out of the egg. They said it was like being an archeologist. They girls got bored of digging so they used water to get the rest of the bones out and made mud.

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