Love painting little girls toe nails

Summer makes me so happy when I can start wearing flip-flops and painting my little girl’s nails. I get so excited and I make such a production out of it that the girls get excited also. I think their least favorite part is when I cut their toe nails.

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We tried two different nail painting techniques this time, one I loved and have decided to throw away all other nail polish and only get MIGI MINI NAIL PAINT, and the other I am not sold on yet but I wanted to try it just to see if it really works. The great part is the girls love being my ginny pigs and will let me do anything when it comes to painting nails even if it turns out to be a disaster.

Let start with swirl nail art, the one that didn’t turn out so great, ok it kind of worked. I saw this idea on a website called If your super interested in trying this – I would go there to get the real instructions. Here is the basic idea…. The girls took 2-3 colors of nail polish and painted them on a plastic bag, then we used a tooth pick to swirl them (that was the fun part). Let the nail polish dry. Then painted the nails, one at a time, while it was still sticky peeled off the dried nail polish and stuck it on the wet nail. We found using white or clear worked best, and not a lot of nail polish. Oh and when painting on the plastic bag the thicker the nail polish the better.

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The second Idea I really loved, because I love being artsy. I am seriously throwing away all my other nail polish and just keeping these. Migi mini nail polish  was given to the girls by Granny Tolman for Munchy’s B-day.  I painted my nails to look like lady bugs and the girls got a fish, flower, ladybug, strawberry, and two colors with beads in middle.  First you pull out the lid to get the big brush to paint the whole nail, then you twist to get a needle (flat needle) and you squeeze the bottle and liquid comes out of top.  They work so good I did the girls toes also.

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We tried going geocaching again and we couldn’t find the thing. We had to go meet daddy at work today so while we waited for his lunch time we decided to go  Geocaching in Bluffton, SC. The app lead us to the center of town, from there  we got out and walked toward a fire pit that may not have been used in years because sadly people had thrown trash in the center. We walked around for a good 10 minutes, only because the girls really wanted to find the geocach and look at all the toys. Oh well till next time – If you haven’t tried it yet – It’s free and great for the whole family to get out side.

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