How Unschoolers learn about science ecology

How do Unschoolers learn about science ecology at the beach? Why the majority of “normal” kids went to boring school we went to the BEACH and took a class with the local 4H.

beach ecologyFirst they broke us the kids up into small groups and they learned a little about the beach before we actually went there. We actually had a little classroom time but the instructor got all the kids involved, while they learned little also.

So here is what we learned:

  • biotic – living things
  • abiotic – non living things
  • dune meadow
  • Berms – ghost crabs live, they tunnel under the sand to stay cool
  • Intertidal zone – Plankton of all different shapes, bugs eat them, birds eat them – etc  Oysters grow on Rocks
  • Dune – sea oats – their roots help keep sand in place

Next we took a hot bus to the beach, this time we went to the north side of Tybee Island.  The instructor took us on the beach and pointed out all the different things he had just talked about in class and played few games.

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