Let the Summer Madness Begin

Summer Madness you say, what crazy shenanigans could the McIntyre’s be getting into this summer.  Well for one we are camp hosting or volunteering at Diamond Lake State Park.  Which means we will be in one spot for six months. This also means I will probably only post once a week since the internet is almost nonexistent here.

20140610-143309.jpgCamp hosting or volunteering in a State park in a National Forest is a pretty easy job.  You answer questions, check the sites (239 sites), and tell the rangers when people leave.  For all those long hours (7 – 20 a week) we get a campsite free with water, electric and sewer and $8 a day. The sites here are reservation only and have none of those wonderful convinces and from what we here it is a really hard to get this job.  We applied early and our resume was on top.

So what have the kids been up to …. well a lot actually…

20140610-143512.jpgFirst I must talk about the snow fall at that happened at end of May.  It was super exciting, it snowed for two days straight and it was only 42 outside…. We are up 6500+ feet so maybe that has something to do with it. We are also learning to fish, well trying to fish.  The girls have fished off their grandpa’s dock and with our friend Mr. Hargast who are experts. Of course the hubby and I have no idea what we are doing.  We have been fishing off the banks of Diamond Lake with no luck. So far we have caught a tree (growing beside the lake), some rocks, seaweed, and a large branch that was floating in the water.  I figure by the end of the summer the girls will be experts at catching fish…. (rainbow trout).

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Since we will be here for a while the girls got out their Magic School Bus science kits.  The first day we did all the experiments on fossils.  We followed the directions made a hypothesis and wrote down the answers. The second day they got out magician science experiments and just picked one at random to see if they could make stuff blow up. By the third day and several days that followed, they were just putting different ingredients together to see what they would do. We love to blow stuff up ….

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With our Uncle’s suggestion we came up with 12 questions about Diamond Lake that we thought would be fun to know.  Ranger Stephane and Ranger Larcey helped us with most of the questions and the rest we googled to find the answers. We will try to come up with some every week so – stay tuned – oh and they will be posted on Munchy’s blog…. check out Mini Mac’s Adventures.

Huggs has been working on her art work.  She has decided to make her favorite cousin and Aunt charm bracelets (they live in France and will be visiting this summer). They are not done yet so hopefully next week we will show you the finished bracelets. Munchy has been trying to figure out a way to catch a ground squirrel. No luck so far but they love to get just close enough to Jack (the dog) and talk to him.  Munchy is trying to train them to eat out of her hand. We have also done every puzzle we owned lost half the pieces so they all got thrown away. The girls made a whole camp to fight off enemies with every Lego we own and they have been working on the Jr. Circuit connector set and riding our bikes every day.


Till next week….

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