Math and fun building a Lego Pirate Ship

We finished the Lego Pirate Ship, it only took one year, 2 instructional booklets with over 250 steps and one very grumpy daddy. We bought our ship the Last time we went to our favorite place on earth, Disney World.

Lego Pirate Ship To finish the Lego Pirate Ship project we had to read the instructions, do a little math, do a search and find for each piece, and use our imagination. The kids took turn doing each thing and enjoyed watching the ship come together piece by piece.  Just for fun we googled some info on pirates, ship building, and watch Pirates of the Caribbean (Huggs favorite movie). Now the kids can use their imagination sailing the high seas, attacking other ships and stealing all their treasure.  Actually what they did is pretend that Barbie was captain and had a fashion show on board.

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