Lego Class Art Thursday

Today we went to Lego class with all of our homeschool friends.  The kids met a little early and played in the gym for a bit till class started.  The kids had a lot of fun playing basketball, soccer, running and hot potato.

Lego class was lots of fun for all of the kids, we did 2 projects today.  They broke the kids into groups of 2 so that everyone would get a chance to build and find the parts.

The first projects was to make a spinning top that can hit a target.  The kids got an instruction booklet which helped guide them through the steps and then they were able to turn on the motor and send the top flying to see if it would hit the target the kids had set up.

The 2nd project was to make a platform that would spin so you can put a paper plate on it and make a little art.

After class was done we met some of the kids at the playground where we ate lunch, played on the playground and then they took turns pushing one of the kids in his new wheel chair.

Last was our art class where Belle is working on a very big project she won’t let me see and Mac finished a painting of a scene with a tree.

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