Lego Academy Kit 1 Space ships

We bought the girls a really cool Lego kit and signed them up to get a new kit every other month. The first one we bought at the Lego store at Disney World.

Kit 1 comes with 178 pieces and a cool instructional booklet that shows step by step instructions on how to create 3 ships. The girls jumped right in and within an hour had created the first Lego ship with absolutely no adult help. They took it apart the next day and made some fun ships on their own and then put together the second ship. At first I thought this would be a flop but the girls really like it and unlike our pirate ship they can actually play with it!

Lego teaches how to think in three dimensions– a precursor to physics. Children of all ages also hone creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork through Lego play.

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We have been reading lots of fairy book and just got finished with our latest one.  The girls begged to read several chapters a night so we read the book really fast.  Here is their review of Fawn and the mysterious trickster…

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