Learn how to be part of History: Annual Re-Ride of the Pony Express

Have you ever want to be part of history or get a piece of mail that was part of history?  Today is your chance if you act now, before June 1 st.  You can send a commemorative letter by PONY EXPRESS from St. Joseph, Missouri to Old Sacramento, California.  Follow the progress of the 10 day ride as mail is carried by horseback by over 700 riders and follow their progress on Facebook and Twitter.

Annual Re-Ride of the Pony ExpressWe visited the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center and learned about the Pony Express, Oregon, California, Morman Trail and Gold Rush.  The museum was filled with hands on exhibits for the kids, and an informative movie about the trails.  We got to cross the Platte River on a buggy, a virtual movie, and learned the point of view of the travelers and the Indians.  We learned about the explorers that led the way, pioneers that didn’t survive the crossing and those that did.

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Annual Re-Ride of the Pony ExpressThe last exhibit was about the Pony Express and how the men risked their life to deliver mail for only 19 months from one side of the US to the other.  As we were leaving one of the volunteer pointed out how we could be part of history. To get your commemorative letter on the Pony express visit XP Pony Express Home Station. Cost is only $5 for a commemorative letter, orders need to be their by June 1st, and $10 for personal letter but they need to be sent in by May 1st.

popcornWe gave National Historic Trails Interpretive Center five out of five popcorns. We got in free because we have the National Park Pass, but if you don’t have the pass it is only $6 per adult. The museum was very educational, interactive and the volunteers are super friendly and well worth a visit if you are ever in Wyoming.

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