Unschooling with Wright Brother’s jeopardy and making Lamp work beads

Everyday Unschooling is different and filled with adventures.  I don’t make educational plans but sometimes the girls come up with great ideas.  We started our Unschool day with Belle announcing we were making lampwork beads. Then the girls wanted to learn about flying and the Wright Brothers. My first thought, what the heck our lampwork beads and how our we going to make learning about Wright Brothers fun.

Polymer Clay Lapwork look-alike glass beads

The girls got up this morning and decided they wanted to make Lampwork polymer clay beads jewelry that looked like glass.  I found a video on l and we watched and re-watched it several times.  Got all our supplies, and we started. It’s was a lot harder than it looks, and it didn’t turn out well. So, we threw it out and will try again another day.  After discussing why the process failed, we noticed the liquid clay was too watery. We also needed a better way to apply the dots.

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Wright Brothers

The last couple days we have been learning about The Wright Brothers and their first airplane. We watched a documentary on Netflix, finished reading our book about the Wright brothers and then I tested them again to see how much they retained.  The going theme this week is Jeopardy – so I asked them vocabulary questions from the back of the book.


Harry Potter Book

Also, I am very happy to announce that we have finally finished the very first Harry Potter book, and plan on watching the movie this weekend as soon as I find someone to loan it to us. Belle has finished her 2nd Bad Kitty book and Mac just finished Franny K Stien.

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4 thoughts on “Unschooling with Wright Brother’s jeopardy and making Lamp work beads

  1. And why not have them record an interview with their granddad about flying?! Could become part of not just their school portfolio, but a family portfolio as well.

    • That is great idea, The girls will love interviewing there Grandfather!! Lots of great ideas, I will look into all of those great ideas. Thanks again Uncle Tom for all the help!!

  2. Also, have them Google “Wright Brothers activities for kids” — there’s a ton of stuff out there that they might like to take a look at!

  3. What a great learning experience! Have you introduced them to the scientific process? Your work with the jewelry would be an excellent match as they get ready to try again. Love it that they finished reading HP!!