Kids Free Fishing Tournament at Diamond Lake

What could be more fun than a free fishing tournament for kids?  No need for fishing licenseIMG_4512 for the whole weekend and the opportunity to win fishing gear.  We entered free fishing tournament at Diamond Lake hoping to catch the largest trout in the river but we only caught seaweed and rocks instead.  The girls had fun anyway because they both won free fishing gear.  Which means daddy now has a fishing rod and more stuff to put in his tackle box. I mean, that the girls have an extra fishing rod and lots of new stuff for their tackle box.

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IMG_4545The girls meet three great Mennonite families that were camping close to our campsite.  The kids were kind, very polite and they had a lot of fun playing together.  I had a wonderful talk with two of the mothers about homeschooling and learned a great deal about their life style.  The girls and I google the difference between Amish and Mennonites and was amazed at how different and alike they are.  These particular families were more modern and used cars. boats, campers, computers, and cameras. They made their own dresses and were very good at fishing.

The last week Munchy has had a blast finding and tracking the local turkey that lives around these parts, Matilda.  She lives at the lodge during the winter and by our campsite during the summer.  Munchy has also been trying to catch one of the ground squirrels or moles that live right behind the camper.  They are getting more and more curious with the girls trying to feed them everyday. The girls have been playing with snap circuit trying out every experiment. Huggs has finished her donut charms and ice-cream charms for her favorite aunt and cousin that are coming to the states in July.  She also has had a lot of fun painting with different kinds of paint that she got for her birthday last year, and making origami.

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IMG_4508This week we started reading the 6th Harry Potter book, “Half Blood Prince”, and we are finished the The Hobbit.  The girls decided to write creative stories with these two books as the themes.  Then we came up with 10 more questions that we asked our favorite Ranger, Mrs. Stephane the answers.  Check them out….

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