Kid Friendly fun in the French Quarter

Most people have the general idea that New Orleans is mainly for adults and there is nothing to do for kids.  They are wrong, we have found loads of kid friendly fun in the French Quarter. You do need to steer clear of Bourbon Street though for some reason we ended up going down it and used it as a lesson.  You also have to be careful of the alleys you turn down and some of the small shops you go in, there are adult items everywhere but I just keep moving and answer any questions that arise, not that any ever do.

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IMG_2135We had a ton of fun looking in the shops and trying on masks, taking pictures, and looking at all the touristy items available to buy.  There are several shops that we really enjoyed and one was the Pepper Palace.  This store offers hot sauce, hot salsa, and even hot dips that you could try.  The sauces range from very mild (2) to extreme hot where you need to be 18 or older to try (10+++).  We had loads of fun trying all the different sauces and dips and I kept laughing when I made the girls try something that was to hot or tasted really bad. We also checked two shops that made fresh pralines, the New Orleans School of Cooking and Aunt Sally’s Pralines. Munchy was extra excited when we found gator beef jerky.

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IMG_2137Don’t forget to go all the way down the river till you run into the French Market.  It is the oldest market in the United States.  It was the only place in New Orleans where you could buy meat.  The market has tables full of crafts, t-shirts, food, masks, jewelry and anything a tourist might love.  There are authentic New Orleans bar and grills, candy shops and even a fruit smoothy stand that serves kid friendly and adult friendly beverages.

The Old Us Mint is FREE to the public and is located at the very end of the French IMG_2116Market or French Quarter.  The Mint in New Orleans is the only mint to produce American and Confederate coinage.  We also got to check out the Orleans Jazz Club Collections on the second floor and listen to them perform some amazing music. We finished out our day by trying Gumbo and alligator bites.  The alligator bites taste like chicken but are very chewy and Huggs loved the gumbo so much she has ordered it in every place we eat.

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