Jim Henson Part 2

We read some more of Jim Henson and learned a little more about the man and my favorite tv show, Muppets, when I was a child.  It’s amazing what he accomplished over the course of his lifetime. As I was reading the book this time I realized I was taking their innocence away, mostly from Huggs, by explaining how the muppets work.  Huggs still believes that the Disney princess’, Mickey Mouse, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are all real, they are right?  I still believe……..

Well on that note here are the things we learned this time:

christmas gifts
  • 1969 he began work on Sesame Street
  • Created Big Bird for the show
  • People thought Jim was a lot like Kermit the Frog
  • Muppet TV Show was originally created in London, England
  • 1976 Muppets premiered in US
  • Women Rights movement made Mrs. Piggy a huge star
  • “Rainbow Connection” was done in a huge pool of water with Jim a metal tank and moved Kermit
  • Learned how special effects were done on the big movies
  • 2 kinds puppets 1)hand and rod, 2) live hand puppets

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