Info on France – Notre Dame – Eiffel Tower

We first question today was, Where is France? We wanted to learn some info on France before we go… I decided that each girl would pick 3 things to learn about, Munchy pick Notre Dame, Chateau de Versailles, and Arc de Triomphe and Huggy Picked the Eiffel Tower, Musee du Louvre, and Victor Hugo (man who wrote Hunch back of Notre Dame). I have no idea how to make the French letters – so forgive me for the American spelling.  🙂

We started the day off with more Math pumpkin games – this time we practiced subtraction

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Roll Dice Math Game – added up both dice then had to tell me what number you had to subtract to get the answer, next we did multiplication, and last we ended with a little division

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We started our little adventure by reading a book on France that we got from the library, it was about the landscape, culture, food, little history, and the people.  I let the kids tell more – they are much better than me…..

Next Munchy worked on her 9 facts about Notre Dame – I had to help her a bit but for the most part she did everything her self…enjoy!!

Huggy did her on The Eiffel Tower – I helped her find a great site for kids that told tons of facts,  she had to do 8 (because she is 8- sound good right???)  anyway enjoy…

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