How to make a spy notebook and get a DIY badge is a place for kids to share what they do, meet others who love the same skills, and be awesome. Kids get to earn badges, learn skills, and have tons of fun doing it. Teachers and homeschoolers can use it as part of their core curriculum. Munchy decided she was going to work on her Detective badge.  Munchy would love to be a FBI agent.  Today she worked on getting a little closer to her dream.  She has to do three projects to earn her badge. She decided to start with preparing her gear so she could go on a stake out.  Our neighbors are very interesting and have been getting in lot of trouble with association where we live because they did not follow protocol when it came to fixing their lawn.  She has been watching very intently to see what they are up to and all the different people coming to the house. She made a notebook spy camera.

Here is what you need:

  • 3 ring binder
  • iPhone or iPod – that can take pictures and video
  • duck tape
  • cardboard
  • exacto knife – to cut a hole for camera in notebook
  • adult help
  • Mustache – so no one knows who you are, you can make one or buy it at our shop…. The Mustache Shop
spy notebook

1. FInd and notebook you can use and cut a hole in..


2. you will need an iPod or iPhone that can take pictures and video


3. cut a square in a piece of cardboard that fits over your iPhone and can bend up to make 3 walls


4. make sure the sides of the cardboard bend up to hold the iPhone


5 cut a hold in the cardboard for the camera lens


6. cut a hole in the notebook for your camera lens


7. align the two camera holes up and tape down the cardboard holder


8. Have fun and be safe spying on your neighbors




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