How is 3D metal art made

Every wonder how make 3D metal art?  The girls searched on YouTube and found some really cool videos that show how make metal art.  After watching a few and decided that we don’t have the tools, space, or know how we decided to go see some experts at work but didn’t find any.

metal artArt could be made from all types of material and made into anything an artist can imagine.  Girls were amazed when we visited the metal art gallery next to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  We found metal art that looks like flowers to flamingo, letters, names, and even fun little cows.

This metal art gallery actually has all of their art work shipped in and does most of their business on First Monday Trade Days.  In Canton, Texas has the oldest flea market (started 150 years ago) in a small town with only 3,600 people and grows to over 300,000 on trade days.  We unfortunately were not able to go but were told to be one of the best in the south.

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