How do Unschoolers or homeschoolers learn about Greece

How do Unschoolers or homeschoolers learn about Greece?  We take a trip to Greece by going to the Greek Festival  in the middle of the week and come back before anyone notices and then counts it as school days.  No really, we go to the 63rd annual Greek Festival during the day when we thought everyone else would be at work or in school, but to our great surprise everyone had the same idea as we did.

Greek FestivalThe Greek Festival was tons of fun, we met some of our homeschool friends at the festival and waited in the long line for food.  OUr homeschool friends tried the combo plate which included Pastitsio (Baked macaroni with ground beef), Spanakopita (Spinach and feta cheese), Dolmades (Rice, ground beef, herbs), meat balls, greek salad,and a roll.  We of course waited in the long line for a Gryo Sandwich which was incredible and worth the wait. We also got several deserts that everyone got to try: Baklava, Kourabiedes (butter cookies with powder sugar), Pecan Queens, and Kataife (Shredded film filled with nuts).  The girls loved all the deserts and we noticed they used a lot of honey so everything was very sticky, but very tasty!  When we first arrived the high schools girls from St. Vincent were there dancing and having tons of fun. So after lunch the girls got up and tried doing it also.  Then we made our way to the little store and each girl got to pick out one item.

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We also watched one of our favorite kids shows, called Travel with Kids: Wales, Peru, Coatia Rica, Greece and Italy.  We actually downloaded the app “tavel with kids” on our Roku so we can watch it anytime.  It is broken up into episodes so we just watched the one on Greece and really learned a lot.  I have included some DVDs that I think you guys might like that are all about traveling with kids. We also found a really neat book called Top 10 Worst Things About Ancient Greece you Wouldn’t Want To Know!

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