How do Unschoolers learn science and art

How Unschoolers learn about animals and Conservation:

How do Unschoolers learn science and art? We learn about Science and Art not by reading a book or watching a video but going to a zoo and museum.  Of course those are great ideas, I feel that kids learn better by touching, being, hearing, playing and enjoying the their environment.  Have fun, read the signs, take pictures, do a scavenger hunt, discuss things, and try googling things when you get home.

The Spring River Zoo was a little dirty and I felt like the animals didn’t have a lot of roomIMG_2899 but no one can complain about the price, FREE. We loved the zoo and was happily surprised at how close you could get to all the animals, and the information about each animal.  Each poster listed ways we could help with conservation and the environment.  We were even able to pet some animals and got to watch them feed a few. There was a variety of animals and the girls were able to ask some workers a few questions about the animals and they seemed to really care for the place. It wasn’t very big so we walked around three times and even had a chance to look at the historic area set up for the kids.

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Art and History Museum at the Roswell Museum of Art:
IMG_2808The best thing about Roswell is that every museum is FREE except the UFO museum (only $5 for adults $3 for kids and military).  We made our way to the visitor center and the contemporary art museum across the street.  We were happily surprised to find local artist work as well as some very interesting contemporary art work.  As we walked around the museum we discussed the art, colors message and each girl had to pick their favorite art work and tell me why they liked it.  The girls were very excited about the permanent installation that included artifacts from the american history.  The most interesting section of the museum was the collection includes Dr. Goddard’s original rocket launch tower (located on the Museum grounds), rocket assemblies, journals and notes, rare film footage of rocket launches, and a recreation of Goddard’s workshop with machinery, tools, rocket cones, and fully assembled rockets.

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