Horseback riding in Wyoming through the Painted Hills

Nothing gives me peace and tranquilly, than Horseback Riding in Wyoming.  We got to have our first trail ride since we started traveling fulltime. I think the thing I love the most about living this life style is all the neat and exciting things we have gotten to experience and never had time to before.

Horseback Riding in WyomingChimney Rock not only does trail rides but also does camping trips.  Can anyone guess what an outfitter is?  We just learned and I had never heard the term before.  An outfitter is: a person that takes you up into the mountains or forest on camping, fishing and hunting trips.  They know they lay of the land, where the good fish and hunting spots are.  They teach groups how to camp, make fires, and is basically their guide to help you survive the week or weekend.

This company also does trail rides with the much tamer horses.  They do two-hour rides, half and full day rides across the Painted Hills which is BLM land.  The price is comparable to the area but by no means cheap.  We thought it was worth every penny because we had so much fun.

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Horseback Riding in WyomingOn our two-hour trip across the Painted Hills we saw a Yearling (one year old elk), at least 10 prong horn, and the spot a called “Bison jumping”.  Bison jumping is where the indians used to heard the Bison over a large hill make them jump to their death to kill them for their meat.  Not very fun for the Bison but worked great for the indians.  We were told if you visit the site after a heavy rain you can find massive amounts of bison bones.

Our outstanding guide was Mick, who we gave five out of five popcorns.  The ride cost $75 per person for a two-hour ride. They also offer $100 for half day rides and $175 for a full day. Actually the leader of our pack was Cooper, the dog, then Mick’s horse, Ruger, Hugg’s horse, Duke, Munchy’s horse, and King Author, my horse.  Though our legs went numb and our butts hurt the horse walked steady, up and down hills, through dry river beds, brush and hill tops.

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