Not all homeschool groups are not friendly

We went to the library to meet some other homeschool kids and oh yea maybe learn something. So, when we got there they said that we couldn’t join.  The book they were working on, Around the World in 80 Days,  they started 2 weeks ago.  In Unschooler fashion, we decided that this group wasn’t for us. The whole reason we are not going to regular school is so we don’t have to do book reports, worksheets and test.  So, in the long run, it worked out great.  The other good news is we found an even nicer library than ours but its 45 minutes away.

Here is what we did instead of the Homeschool group

We decide to go to the park and played on the playground for a good hour. Then we played a game association game. I came up with two words that popped into your head. Tell me everything you know about winter and swimming.

Here is what we came up with:

McKenzey reporting about all the facts she found out about airplanes.
She made a skit about the Breaking news for today. She talked about the rainforest, airplanes and how much she loves to swim. Belle joined in with animals in the rainforest, and how she tought pools were made.

We made two marshmallow bridges. A little one and one made from bigger marshmallows and long sticks. The first one broke right away, but the second one did much better. Next time, we are trying a different material.

The girls practiced their math, adding and subtracting by jumping on numbers we made. They also practiced counting by two’s, three’s and five’s.
Finally, Nibbles the squirrel got fed with peanuts right out of Belle or Mac’s hand. We feed the squirrels everyday.

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