Home scientist Badge

We have been working on our home science badge. The best part about Unschooling is it allows us to have a whole day of nothing but science. We picked out five experiments that we thought we would try. Some of the experiments we very successful and others I think we need to try again.  Follow along with us as we try to learn from our failures.


Dancing Peppers

First, we made pepper dance, the girls poured pepper and salt on a piece of paper. Then they blew up a balloon and rubbed it against their hair to make a negative charge. Then when you bring the balloon near salt and pepper, the negative charge attracts the pepper and moves it toward the balloon.

Bend Water

With static electricity, first we tried a comb, which did not work, then we tried a balloon which worked great. The static electricity charged balloon which attracts the water, therefore, it bends toward the balloon.

Dancing Raisins

We poured sprite into a glass and dropped several raisins into the drink. Then the raisins were supposed to go up and down with the bubbles from the soda, unfortunately, it didn’t work, we think the raisins were too big.

Lemons vs. Limes

We filled a container with water to see if a lemon or lime floated.

Soda Geyser

We took diet coke and mentos gum…. The soda erupts because of the carbon dioxide gas created by the rapid reaction between the candy and soda.

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