Gloups visits Dinosaur World and learns about the past

Once Gloups got home with his host family, he mentioned that he loved dinosaurs. We thought it would be fun to check out a roadside attraction, Dinosaur World, and learn a little about these amazing creatures.  There are actually three places you can visit Dinosaur World: Kentucky, Texas, and of course the one we visited Florida.

Dinosaur WorldWe started our adventure with lunch then off to Gander Mountain for some window shopping and silly pictures.  Gloups loved the Gift Shop at Dinosaur World, where they had more dinosaur, toys and gifts than I could have ever imagined.  Next we made our way to the Exploration Cave Show where we received information on paleontology, difference in petrified bones and different types of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur WolrdThere are over 200 life-size dinosaurs on 20 acres with some of the most feared predators that walked the earth.  Gloups was amazed at the how many dinosaurs we saw. Each dinosaur had a plaque with info and fun facts alongside.  Gloups was terrified by the carnivore boardwalk, but was in awe at the mammoth and the ice age area. There was even a fossil dig, which was included in your ticket, and a museum with dinosaur bones and animatronics dinosaurs. There is also a playground for the little feet and several picnic areas if you brought your lunch.

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IMG_0211Gloups gave Dinosaur World 10 popcorn out of 10 because he loved it so much, even though it was a little high on the price. Tickets in Florida was $23.27 for adults, kids (3-12) $19.21 and puppets and babies are free. Kids ticket included fossil dig and gem dig if purchased online.

Fun Fact: The park in Florida used to be an Alligator farm with over 2,000 gators.  Gator Jungle, was a combination gator farm/swamp walk whose big draw was “Old King,” a grizzled crocodilian. learn more here.

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