Gloups first Thanksgiving in America

Gloups had his first Thanksgiving in America with friends and family .  We actually went to my cousin’s house, who did an amazing job preparing and cooking all the food.   Gloups got to help make the mashed potatoes and carve the huge turkey.  While we waited for the food to finish cooking Gloups hung out with everyone on the couch and watched American Football.  He is still confused why it’s called football because they don’t use their feet very much like French football (aka soccer).

On the way to our Thanksgiving feast we explained to Gloups all about Thanksgiving in America.  The holiday feast began in November 1621,  when the newly arrived Pilgrims  and the Wampanoag Indians gathered at Plymouth for an autumn celebration. The traditional meal included turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry, and pumpkin pie. Gloups tried everything including cranberry salad, carrot salad and cookie and cakes.  Gloups belly was so stuffed it made him sleepy, and on the way home and fell asleep to Christmas music.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Thanksgiving in America

Gloups checking out the potatos boiling in water

Gloups playing Mindcraft with the kids

Gloups making the mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes —YUM!!

Thanksgiving in America

Gloups cutting the Turkey

Watching American football with the boys

American football

Thanking giving dinner

Gloups drinking Cranberry sider with the kids

Thanksgiving diner

Gloups jumped on the trampoline after diner

kids playing Botchy Ball



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