Games we love that are great for Christmas, homeschooling and Full-time RVing

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Board Games

We have been playing lots of board games and the best part is Rubber Ducky is bored so he joins in on our fun. Yesterday we played Brain Quest Smart Game. The game asks questions about science, math, art, reading, the world questions. The neat part is they are divided by grade levels 1st through 6th grade to make it fair for everyone.


Next, we played Scrabble Apple– and Bananagrams but this time we decided we had to make camping words. We practiced sounding out the spelling on our board then the girls made a scrabble game with them. They had tons of fun trying to figure out how to make different words.

The girls were bored this afternoon and played the Scrambled States. This is Hugg’s absolute favorite game and I think the girls know the states better than the adults at this point.

They have been riding their bikes a lot. I think they like the freedom that they can go anywhere in the camping area with little or no restrictions. When we used to live at the Landings I would never let them go alone because I just knew some old person would run them over while they were talking on their cell phone.


The girls have used every single Lego we have and have made a whole army ready to defend their camper. They came up with boats, cars, weapons, forts, water guns that shoot scalding hot water, a fort and cars and trucks that could carry all the people they had in the lego box.


The last thing we have been working on is making fun Christmas ornaments. The girls want to sale these cute ornaments when we get to our next destination. We plan on selling the ornaments for two dollars apiece.

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