FTF Explorer Badge: Reading, Earth Day and Flash badge

We earned our FTF (Fulltime Families) Explorer Badges several weeks ago and have not had a chance to share how we earned them.   Explorer Badges is best parts of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Guides and then took out the tedious parts, like the need to have different siblings in different programs, uniforms and neckerchiefs.  They made sure the actual elements would literally fit into our lifestyle (traveling fulltime in a RV) and not be too heavy or cumbersome. We pin our badges to our curtain on our bunk bed along with our memory pins.

FTF Explorer Badges FTF Explorer Badges

We earned our Mighty Reader Badge, you had to read over 60 pages and then write a couple of paragraphs about the book.  I figure since we are Unschoolers I would let mine do a video instead.  Munchy finished her whole book called “This Totally Bites” and did a video review.  Huggs has read the first 65 pages of her “Ever After High” book.  These are short stories about each character in the larger books from a series and she also did a video review.

IMG_7470 IMG_7469The Flash Badge for this month was on Lake Mead.  The girls thought it would be fun to do because we stayed at Lake Mead campsite last year.  For this badge the girls had to do some workbook pages from the Road Trip Teacher.  It was kind of fun to have a change of pace but instead of printing all 20 pages I only printed the pages they needed.  We had to do a cross word puzzle, write a sentence for each vocabulary word and then a paragraph about Lake Mead.  The girls didn’t want to do the sentences, so I just asked them verbally to explain each word, but they did do the paragraph.

IMG_7666 IMG_7665Earth Day Badge was a lot of fun because we got to make a trash man.  The first day the girls had to record every single item we threw away.  The following day they had to come up with ideas on how we can reduce our trash foot print.  They wanted our kids to write a report on how we could do this but mine chose to do a video.

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