Making Rice Crispy eggs

How we made Rice Crispy Eggs

The kids woke up about 9:30 and we got dressed and went and played tennis. We decided to make the rice-crispy eggs with m&m’s inside.  McKenzey melted the butter and Belle measured the marshmallows and cereal. Then we coated pam on the inside of the eggs. The kids started putting the mixture in the eggs and made a pocket with our thumb. It ws a very messy adventurre.

My tips for marshmellow Eggs

First, let it cool the mixture cool. Also, use lots of Pam so your fingers don’t get sticky. It was pretty tough and didn’t hold up well. It was a lot of fun to make and eat.

Homeschool group

Next, we tried to meet a homeschool group. No one showed up so we played on the playground and found really cool caterpillars. We had discussions about them, looked them up on the internet and watched it for an hour. A tussock moth caterpillar, and a diamondback moth (I think??).

Fairy Pipcleaners

Started off the same but today we decided to make fairies out of pipe cleaner, yarn, and fake flowers. They turned out really cute.  First, I showed them how to make one. They were super easy and both girls made a lot.

Next, they made mummies, jewelry and then wristbands to get into their pet show. The girls set up a littlest pet shop in their room and made tickets for Michael and I. We had to play games, buy items, which they had to give us the right change. Last, we had to watch a show about the pet it was pretty funny.

We planted our seeds that we got last time we were at Disney. They are supposed to attract butterflies.

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