France Tour in Brest Brittany

The France Tour

20121101-205410.jpgThe France tour really began with a trip to Brest, Brittany(France) which is about an hour away from Moraiax, Brittany and is right on the coast. The girls and their cousins visited the aquarium in Breast, called the Oceanopolis Marine Aquarium.  They loved going from aquarium to aquarium looking at the vast array of sea life that the ocean has to offer.  More amazing still is when you realize that not everything in the ocean breathes though gills, there are many species of whales and of course dolphins that breath the air just as we do. The aquarium also had a rain forest.  Showing them a completely new environment that animals can live and thrive in.  The girls were quiet so as not to wake the polar bear (hahaha – it was fake), they all had fun driving toy boats.


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Then they drove to Lannislis to look at the ocean port. They saw the tallest stone light house,  L’Île Vierge lighthouse,  still standing in the world. It was cold and we had a hail storm, but the day ended with a pretty rainbow.

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