Flying Frogs


Yep I broke down and let the girls go to flying frog’s…. It wasn’t so bad, since we went while everyone was at school. I did not miss all the screaming little kids and the girls had a blast. They played lots of games and got 300 tokens between the two of them, and they met a girl from florida and ran through tunnels with her for hours.

Then we went to Munchies and got some yogurt. Yum.. Oops forgot to take picture, but it was sure good.

We finally got our menu done. The girls had fun decorating them making coupons and Mac gave all the other restaurant grades which of course lower than her restaurant. Last night the three of us ate at Belle’s restaurant… Food was excellent and we had the owner play her guitar for us while we ate. When Michael got home he ate at Mac’s Mega Meals and he said food was excellent and service was great and he even got a coupon for free beer for life (he refuses to pay for drinks). Here are the girls describing there menus……

I am so impressed with are peas they have doubled in size overnight. The first plant that started growing roots are huge, and the second one is not far behind. I replanted the other two seeds so hopefully those will start growing really soon.


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