first house worship Savannah

We added another history lesson, by visiting first house  worship  Savannah  and added it to our scrapbooks. This time we took Michael downtown with us and after we went and looked at several historic signs in Johnson square we went to river street and got some fudge.

The Christ Church was the first house of worship in Savannah in 1733. George Washington was one of the distinguished guest that attended a service at this church.

Next we found Joel Chandler Harris historical sign:

Joel Chandler Harris (1845-1908), New South journalist and author of Uncle Remus
tales, Free Joe, and many other works, was associate editor of the
Savannah Morning News
from 1870 until 1876, under William Tappan Thompson,
an established writer of southern humor. He published comic stories in his
Affairs of Georgia
column, which was often reprinted around the state.
Rooming at the Florida House, which merged in 1880 with the Marshall House on
East Broughton Street, Harris married Esther LaRose in 1873. The couple and
their two children left Savannah in 1876 to avoid the yellow fever epidemic.
Harris served from 1876 until 1900 as associate editor of the Atlanta

On this site March, 29 1734 when Savannah was an English colony stood the public oven and next-door the house of strangers. 

Johnson Square was the first of the original squares and is still the largest. Derby Ward was a holding place for public stores – things the community would need to maintain itself.  Thus, the settlers gathered in this square to get water, see the time of day, which could be read on the sundial which was constructed there, post public notices, visit and to bake their bread.  For a long time, there were not enough bricks available for each individual to have their own bread oven, so the city provided the ovens and each family used them as needed.  The ovens no longer exist, but in their places in the square are two fountains.

This is Nathaniel Green Monument which is 50 feet high obelisk made out of marble and was designed by William Strickland.  Nathaniel Green was a major-general in the revolution.

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