First day school with a review of Star Wars

We started our first day of school at the happiest places on earth, Disney Star Wars, and Universal. The best part of homeschooling is being able to go to parks, museums, and zoos while everyone else is in school. So, we took this opportunity to start our next school year with a bang.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Being a Disney pass holder gave us the opportunity to preview Star Wars before it opened to the public. The first reaction, it was like going to another world, Black Spire Outpost, to be exact. They really outdid themselves with the details. You really felt like you were on a planet three suns. The only big negative, no place to get out of the sun or rain, so, bring lots of sunscreens or an umbrella.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge was huge and the land was much bigger than we expected. As you enter Star Wars all you see is a long path with much of nothing. The amazing part was turning the corner and the Millennium Falcon came into view. Stormtroopers walked around messing with people, which was very entertaining. The highlight was the Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run experience. You can either be a pilot, gunner or engineer, with a total of 6 per cockpit. Disney did an amazing job making you feel like you were actually flying the plane and shooting the bad guys.

Unschooling at Disney

It still amazes me how so many people think there is nothing to learn at theme parks. Disney, however, is full of fun educational experiences and many ways to make learning fun. Our first (which was new) was the Animation Experience. You actually learn how to draw a Lion King character from the cartoon movie. We learned how to draw Scar. I went to SCAD and studied 3D animations, so this became my all-time favorite thing we did.

This time we had fun discussing technology and how Disney can track us all over the park and how fast passes work. We got into a discussion of how many forks Beauty and Beast wash a day. Click here for even more ideas.

Belle’s 15th Birthday with friends and family

We actually started the week off with a Birthday Breakfast at Funky Brunch Cafe. Belle invited her grandparents and our good friends the Froehl’s. The breakfast was so fun because you get to make pancakes at your table. We had fun trying to make animals, silly shapes and Mickey Mouse.

The whole week we were at Disney we celebrated Belle 15th birthday, and at times the girls pretended they were twins. We made a special dinner reservation at Beauty and Beast and made it to Fantasmic light show. The girls got lots of birthday wishes, free cakes and had the whole crowd sing to them at one point.

Unschooling at Harry Potter

My favorite theme park is Universal or Harry Potter land. We are huge fans and my husband pretends to hate the place so I love it even more. We have annual passes there also. The part we love is free valet parking and fast passes on every ride after 4 pm. We like to talk about the physics of roller coasters, and we do math by calculating the total earning of one restaurant. The girls like pointing out what movies are popular and how that effects merchandising. Learning happens everywhere and all the time.

Money Earned

The girls’ highlight is spending the money they have earned over the past couple of months. Belle business has been booming and she was able to buy a purse and very fancy boots with her own money. Don’t worry we have her put half of her profits into savings. This was actually her idea after taking the homeschool financial piece Dave Ramsey class. Mac earns money by doing little things around the house and had enough to buy some shirts and a necklace.

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