App Queen – favorite apps – books galore

App Queen – Favorite apps

app queenApp Queen – says get me a warm pig belly for my aching feet or buy my favorite apps, NOW! These divine apps this week are simply to die for and you will be amazed at how much the kids love them. I have included some math apps, a few books that are amazing and one space app.
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bedtimeWe have mega-exciting news here: the new Bedtime Math is up in the App Store! Yeah! Get your daily bedtime math problems plus the full archive, all in full color with hidden clickable answers, swooshing stars and more. It’s our grand finale for Math Awareness Month.

3D Classic Literature Collection 0.99

Viking Rudi 0.99

SkySafari 3 2.99


Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book 4.99

Grimm’s Rapunzel ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book4.99

Grimm’s Red Riding Hood ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book4.99

Grimm’s Snow White ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book 4.99

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